Message Board Guidelines and Instructions


A variety of frequently asked questions and answers are available to members, moderators and administrators.


Whether you are asking a question about reunion planning, posting an event announcement, remembering those who have passed away, job searching, or looking for someone missing on the website, the message boards are your place to leave a note.

Simply select the appropriate category and forum, then click "New Topic" to create a note, or you can easily reply to existing messages.

Your message boards are divided into Categories (e.g. News and Announcements, Other topics, Reunions, etc.). Categories are broken into Forums (e.g. News, Updates and General/Alumni Information, Looking for Someone, Remembering Friends, Class of 2002, etc.).

Each forum can contain any number of Topics of which each can have several Replies.

After selecting the desired/appropriate forum, click New Topic to post a message.


Want to get an e-mail when something changes in the message boards? Get a subscription to the topic, forum, or category of your choice. You can even subscribe to get alerts on the entire message board.

At every level you'll see the icon on the far right set of icons. Click this icon to subscribe to that level. After signing up the website will send you an e-mail whenever there is a new post or reply in any area you are subscribed to.

You can easily manage your subscriptions by following "My Subscriptions" in the top navigation of the Message Boards. You can also click to unsubscribe from any level.

We recommend that you add to your email 'safe list', 'white list' or adding this address as a 'friend'."

Optionally, while in the message boards, you can select Subscribe to this board to get e-mails for every new and updated forum and topic on the site.


This message board/forum is a FREE service provided for the use and enjoyment of responsible registered users of this alumni website. Submissions may be edited for appropriate content, so please refrain from leaving inappropriate messages.

Be considerate of all users and PLEASE do not abuse the service, or use it to spam or advertise.

Keep in mind: The role of the Administrator is to oversee and maintain the integrity of the site for ALL members and visitors. However, the administrator will monitor, but not interfere with, the content of the messages, unless a problem arises.

Note: For your safety and privacy, please do not post personal information of your own or others such as telephone numbers, addresses, social security numbers or any other private information on message boards and profiles. Please remember that the message boards are a public place. Do not assume that people cannot find out who you are. The information you provide us during registration will not be shared.