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Member Testimonials

Thanks for this wonderful website!  It helped Ray Hanson and his committee to make our 40th Reunion a big success~  We all had much fun re-connecting and "walking down memory lane," feeling like teenagers again -- what a Blessing to have grown up in Leonia!  "Jersey Girls don't pump gas!" - Yvonne Romaine-Anderson '70

I greatly appreciate all your time and effort for our excellent alumni web site !! Thanks again, and we are looking forward to our 40th in September. I organized two reunions before the web site, but others will organize this one. This reunion will be a lot easier to organize with the superb web site and your efforts to make it so. - Bobby Lubitz '70

The class of '69's 40th reunion went very well.  We are a proud class and are stronger than ever.  Thank you for all you have done to make it easier to organize ourselves and stay in touch. - Susan Gardner-Santowasso '69

Thanks for having this valuable site, it's great connecting with such old friends. It's heart warming sharing life stories with people I haven't seen since early high school or even elementary school. Makes me feel like a teenager again (only wiser!). - Leslie Gold '69

I think what you are doing is wonderful.  I’m a nostalgic person and believe that my time at LHS shaped me.  Thank you for keeping our memories alive." - Loretta Carson '63

OUTSTANDING web site !!!!!!! I'm almost in tears of joy after having found this site !!!!  - Mark Polansky, Sr. '67

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